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stā BOSSY – What I’ve learned about being an ENTREPRENEUR…so far

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When does entrepreneurship begin?  Is it the moment the idea pops into your head? Or the second you say YES! I’m going to do this and put the first actual step into motion?  I guess that’s up to the individual.   For me, I feel like my business ownership began when the idea came and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I had sewn and worn my own bodysuit for years.  The others all left me less than comfortable so I created something that answered my needs but also felt great on my body.  I was happy I had...

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WHOA.  I did it.  It’s Over…I AM THE MAN! I learned about, decided and committed to completing a WHOLE30.  Hell, even my family agreed to join me in the festivities!  Friends had raved about the program and reading many reviews, the claim was “IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.  I was going through some boredom with my eating plan and had some tendonitis in my arm that was just not going away so being a believer in eating healthy food DOES cure ailments-I was on board and READY.  I purchased the book IT STARTS WITH FOOD and took about 3 weeks...

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life is sweet

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There comes a point in your life where you must stand up, look in the mirror and face facts.  You try to explain away the dark secret that you THINK you are skillfully keeping under wraps.  Hiding in the shadows…wearing dark glasses and a wig at the Vons…shredding receipts… Turns out, you’re not so savvy, sister. The jig is up.  Today is the day.  We are going to call a spade a spade…step up to the plate and claim your truth… Stand tall and admit what is really going on so that perhaps we can make a positive change towards...

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Totally Artificial Beverage...

body image dieting weight loss yo yo diet

I remember the first time I drank a TAB. I was nine years old….let’s take a moment to think about that…..NINE! Driving to the lake one summer with my sister and step siblings, we were all allowed to pick a treat from the liquor store.  While the others were grabbing candy bars and chips, the overwhelming awareness of being chubby compared to everybody else compelled me to save some calories and get the diet beverage instead of the packaged chocolate cakes Hostess was doing the lords work with. I remember being embarrassed to bring it to the counter but none...

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You Come First


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