My Belly Is My Business

in Mar 16, 2019

The stā Body SUIT was created out of my desire to keep my tummy concealed. Little did I know that it would become a brand that would help so many women feel amazing in their day to day, and now I’m on a mission!     My belly is my business!

I always sought out reliable coverage of my tummy and wore bodysuits and tanks daily.  Unfortunately, THOSE items actually created more problems instead of solving them!

Bodysuits provide wonderful coverage, but they rode up and cut into me, creating bulges where before there weren’t any.  Many of them are full back and give you serious VPL.  Not to mention crotch snaps OR NO snaps, which forces you to pull the entire thing down in the ladies room.  Now there’s a fun day at the office!

Shape wear tanks and underwear are too confining for my daily needs.  Fabrics that hardly stretch and then roll up on you with the slightest movement and always in the most inconvenient of moments.  They left me uncomfortable, out of breath and not liking what I saw in the mirror.

I also didn’t like how small everything was and promised to reduce my inches.  For me, that conveyed a negative body message that made me feel like I NEEDED to be smaller.  I just wanted something to put on, and feel great about how I looked AND FELT! To get dressed and not think about if people knew I was wearing a shape wear garment or if my underwear would roll down over my stomach and give those around me a show. I needed an item I could rely on, and with all of these problems to solve…the stā BODY suit was born.

It is wonderful to meet you.  I invite you to join the stā BODY family and get your very own problem solving daily alternative.  We want to look good, and we deserve to feel GREAT! 

This is a new way of getting dressed.  One that promotes a positive body image and an open door to styles that you may not have felt comfortable wearing before.

Be sure to follow @stabody as we flourish.  We are growing our #bodypositive community, with fun guests, inspiring stories, amazing giveaways, discount codes to our tribe and LOTS of humor.  As the brand grows, we will always put you first.  Designing with all of our beautiful bodies in mind.  We promise to design the most comfortable and flattering silhouettes to ensure that you feel amazing every single day.

I am grateful to be able to dress you and to meet and speak with so many amazing women that inspire me. Women who find my garment helpful and are over the moon excited about it.  What a gift!Women who are beautiful as they are, at the size they are …RIGHT NOW and are realizing it, finally. 

Won’t you join us?

I am on a mission to give women an alternative to the items that convince us that we need fixing, when all we need is just a little hug. 

This is a family.  The stā BODY family and all are welcome.