Lasso of Truth

in Jun 14, 2018



screen grab by J Greb via Wikipedia


We all grow up and form our own certain amount of self-reliance. You couldn’t go through each day without it. No matter what mood you might be in at this moment, believe me it’s there! We learn how to make decisions, many of them pretty darn good ones too! We become the people that we are and evolve into ourselves with our good parts and our not so good parts. We get jobs, make friends, buy lunch…buy homes! We have mini victories weekly or even daily…however you want to look at it. From the outside looking in you are a pretty amazing, self-sufficient super power.

The CRAZY thing is that we can do ALL of these things, but then let ONE person say ONE thing and it shatters every bit you’ve built up. ONE comment among many positive ones and KABOOM!!!! Down falls our confidence. WHY do we do that? Humans tend to look around and seek out confirmation from their peers. They need that positive reinforcement from friends or colleagues and hold it … EVEN STRANGERS!! (Hello, internet?). If you walk around and don’t get the recognition that you are craving…you can be left to feel downright worthless. Feeling invisible and unimportant is the worst. What then? What do you do when you feel like that?


Invisibility was one of Wonder Woman’s secret powers. The LADY WANTED IT THAT WAY!!! This “power” enabled her the ability to sneak up on her opponent and take them by surprise and save the day! She didn’t need a flashy ride. THAT WAS THE POINT! Nobody saw her coming. They didn’t even fathom that she was anywhere near or she had the ability to strike! WOW…weren’t THEY the fools. Instead of asking the world…”am I great”? “Did I do good”? KNOW IT!!! KNOW IT NOW! You be your own world and tell yourself….MAN I’m GOOD!!! And anybody who doesn’t agree or doesn’t “SEE” that…….well, we know where they can go.

We MUST use each day for GOOD…NOT EVIL. You are on a top secret mission. You are the master of your UNIVERSE. You must believe in yourself and never ever let anybody throw you off your path. Once you find your focus, you have the power to shut out the negatives and go about your life in a stealth like way. Be a goal oriented person. Give YOURSELF the round of applause, they will catch on eventually. See it and make it happen no matter how anybody else perceives you. Be like Wonder Woman and swoop in when they least expect it. Let them think you’re not there…all the better when you make your HUGE SPLASH on the world! Believe me, they will remember you…hell, they will never forget you!

There is a Wonder Woman in us all. You will never reveal her if you don’t get up and give it a spin. She is in you. Her mission for good to prevail was for you and me and every little girl out there. Let’s not let her down. She taught us to rock it and continues to with truth and justice…doing it all in knee high boots, some fierce accessories….and one AMAZING BODYSUIT!!!!


image from Everett Collection via the Wall Street Journal