life is sweet

in Jun 28, 2017

There comes a point in your life where you must stand up, look in the mirror and face facts.  You try to explain away the dark secret that you THINK you are skillfully keeping under wraps.  Hiding in the shadows…wearing dark glasses and a wig at the Vons…shredding receipts… Turns out, you’re not so savvy, sister. The jig is up.

 Today is the day.  We are going to call a spade a spade…step up to the plate and claim your truth… Stand tall and admit what is really going on so that perhaps we can make a positive change towards the future.


 GUYS, I am a SWEET - A – HOLIC!


Give me sweets!  I will take a dessert sampler over a natural or man made concoction any day of the week.  I’m insatiable.  It’s a hunger that cannot be quenched … a thirst that cannot be fed.  Wait…strike that – reverse it.  (Anybody get the reference?)

 Not only am I addicted to sweets, I am emphatically married to artificial sweeteners! I put them in and on almost everything.  My 7 11 extra large brew is not coffee unless I’ve poured 8 of those yellow bad boys into the cup.  I put Splenda on my cottage cheese for crying out loud.  I love ketchup on my eggs, even sweetener in the supposed to be healthy 32 ounce water with lemon that is meant to be “cleansing” my system.

 I’m not a drinker but when I toss one back, guess what it is?  No..not wine.  Not a light beer…It’s a freaking Coffee and Cream Martini!  Have you any idea what the caloric content of that is?  I trepidatiously looked it up! It’s 521 GD CALORIES! 

Who knew Santa was a stalker!

 I was once told by a diner/coffee shop waitress “I’ve never seen someone drink coffee that fast”.  This seasoned woman who has undoubtedly served every trucker that passed through the central west coast for decades stared at me in amazement as she refilled my cup. 

The lady that rings up my weekly frozen yogurt said to me, and I quote, “you’re pretty fit for somebody that eats so much yogurt”….huh?

Even though it took weeks to plan, much more money than necessary and boat loads of time and effort on my part, one of the things I created at my daughters 18th birthday party was a dessert bar.  She didn’t ask for it…she couldn’t have cared less.  I WANTED IT! And I made it happen.  By far my favorite part of the shin dig.  Oh, were other people there?  I didn’t notice.

Tart research in progress!

 I could go on but you get the point.

 I am a 5/2 eater.  Monday through Friday I am quite strict with my eating and do work out.  On Saturday and Sunday, I am on vacation.  I eat what I want.  Unless I feel like the L B’s are creeping up…then I go in training mode and get hard core.  This is a system that has been working for me for quite a while now.  I know when I’m comfortable in my skin and I know when to reign it in.  I have learned over the years that it is all about balance and doing what works for you.  Figuring out where you are happiest in your body and finding a program that fits your likes and lifestyle.  For me, eating well on the weekdays makes me feel good and not bad about the 2 days off.  It’s my system and I enjoy it.

 I am a big believer in loving your shape as it is.  If you love your shape as is, then you are free from feeling bad about it and thus you are in a much happier position.  Duh right? I love my shape and have accepted that I will never be a size 2.  That’s all well and good.  BUT…when I feel that I have crept up on the scale, there is nothing wrong with bringing it back down to where I like being.  Where I feel again, the most comfortable.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my shape or curves…I just have a “sweet” spot, the one where I feel at my personal best.   I’m an advocate of being your personal best in the healthiest way possible.  I have done the not so healthy way and it no longer serves me and I’m not doing it anymore.  I encourage us all to make healthy choices and move our bodies, drink lots of water and be thankful for ALL of our assets.

With all of that said, this sugar (real or otherwise) obsession of mine must stop.  It is not healthy for me in mind and/or spirit.  I have for years been wanting to stop the artificial sweetener usage but have been unable to.  For once, I’m wanting to make a dietary change for my health…and NOT to just look better.  I’m craving feeling better.  It’s such an “adult” thing to do.  I’m pretty proud of myself for it.  Milestones guys!

Artificial sweetener is tha Devil!

 In my own world and very slow to learn about trends (that or close mindedness) I have just started reading about the WHOLE 30 challenge.  Nothing but completely unprocessed foods.  NO SWEETENERS!!! Not even Stevia, which I dislike immensely anyways…but I think no coffee is much more bitter than the taste of that “wholesome” alternative.  So even though I already eat pretty “clean” in general, this will be a doozy for me.  They say it will ABSOLUTELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  I’m so ready. I’m pumped.  Can this be? Will this rid me of my sweet tooth?  Can you imagine?  I’m in and I will write something on how it all goes.  Perhaps it might be something that others can enjoy and benefit from. 

So in a nut shell…SUGAR is the Devil, being IN TRAINING is not a bad thing…and ridding yourself of any kind of vice you have is a positive step.  Don’t let people tell you that you should diet..or that you shouldn’t want to better yourself.  Loving your shape is your personal journey, one that nobody has any business commenting on.  Hopefully together we can do it in the most positive, healthy way possible while lifting ourselves and each other up to heights not reached before (except when arms stretch for the last cupcake on the shelf).