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 Obsessed!  This is the most comfortable item of clothing I have ever put on!  The fit is amazing, the fabric is so lightweight and it makes me feel wonderful!  I don't want to take it off...ever!

Karen H.



Your product is incredible and honestly made me finally love my body.  I don't dread getting dressed or going shopping anymore.  I feel so confident!

 Aimee G.



 I was having a very bloated day and the bodysuit helped me as a reminder for me to keep a straight posture.  Glad I didn't have to worry about the front getting untucked :)

Lan N.



 I adore my new bodysuit!

Michelle D.



Just got the most comfortable and ingenious bodysuit ever!  No snaps or hooks! 

Tiffanie M.


I purchased my first sta BODY suit on-line a few months ago and I absolutely love it! The fabric is amazing as it is super comfortable and it gives me a smooth appearance without any panty lines. I don't wear body shapers as they are too uncomfortable and this is just the opposite. It is extremely versatile and I wear it with casual jeans, dressy skirts as well as under my slinky dresses. The sta BODY suit design is simply genius as there are no snaps to deal with or taking off the entire body suit when I use the little girls room. I can simply pull down the back thong when I am in the restroom. I can't recommend this amazing suit enough!

Laura C.


I always like to wear something underneath my outfit or as a main piece I can accessorize with a sweater.  I almost never go with a bodysuit because they ride up.  Sometimes I go with a camisole, but they just get tugged down.  With my sta body suit I don’t have any of those issues.  The best part is that it breathes so well!  I ordinarily feel like a sweaty gross mess in a body suit, but this moved with me and kept me cool and dry.  I love it so much I wore it three times in the first week I had it!

Emma S.



Can't survive without my Stabody! Must have essential for everyday! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mary T.



Love my stā. So comfy and makes me feel confident that I don't have to worry about muffin top spillage. Thanks for making a garment that is a girl's best friend (and best kept secret ;).

Lisa R.


I have worn the stā Body bodysuit and find it very comfortable!  You remember the movie, Sex and Mrs X with Linda Hamilton?  When Jaqueline Bissett tells Linda how to wear sexy camisoles, because it makes YOU feel sexy all day?  Well I feel like that when I wear it. Not just sexy (and I know I don’t look like your models!) but extremely comfortable!!!!

Gabriella D.


A Super Comfy Confidence Booster!
This bodysuit was given to me as a gift and let me tell you how thankful I am for such a gift!
When I first opened the package and read the tag and saw the recycled materials used to make the fabric, I smiled. (I love it when a company not only takes pride in their product but also takes care of the planet!)
My second thought was how soft this feels! I was excited to try it on! And I keep finding more ways to wear it!
I love wearing my Sta bodysuit! I wear on shopping trips, to work, to the park with the kids...everywhere!
It's very comfortable and I don't have to constantly fidget with it to get it back in place.
What colors and styles will be next?!?!

Sonya A.


I just received my first stā Body bodysuit as a gift from a friend. I had heard great things about it, but wasn't really sure how it worked. I already had plans the very next day to go to Disneyland. Perfect way to put it to the test, so I wore my black bodysuit as an actual blouse with my jeans

I have curves and rolls going on, so I hardly wear jeans because it's a struggle tugging on undergarments and body shapers all day.  Trying to keep the fabric from rolling up, rolling down, exposing the tummy or back area, or looking like a bulge.

As you know Disneyland involves being rushed on and off rides.  Trying to keep track of your child and personal items, while at the same time making sure your blouse hasn't rolled up or your panties show when you bend over.  It's a real struggle for those of us who are self conscious and worry about things being exposed.

WOW !!! That is the word that best describes my bodysuit. It kept in place ALL DAY !!! I dressed it with my jeans and nice jewelry and it actually made me feel confident and sexy to tell you the truth. I felt comfortable and didn't feel any flesh or rolls popping out. I have tried so many things, including tube tops, to cover the tummy area and other brand-name body shapers, but none have held in place like this did. I kept raving about it so my daughter had me bending over just to prove my point. As funny as that may sound, I put my stā Body thru the wringer and it passed with flying colors! I can not wait to purchase it in white.

It was so comfortable to wear, but even more it kept me covered in the areas most of us worry about. LOVE stāBody!

Maria F.