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  the quality has been great as I wear them constantly and they still look brand new!  Crystal C.   
  this bodysuit is amazing 🙌 it's totally functional for every use - it's flattering, smooths, and provides the perfect amount of coverage.  I know you'll love it as much as I do.   Liz M.
  Honestly, it’s hard to find bodysuits that stay fitted and don’t ride up. Recently I discovered @stābody suits, and to be honest with you, their bodysuits have completely changed the game for me! They are fitted, don’t ride up, and look amazing with jeans!   Melissa M.
  stā BODY is where it's at. I wear this more than any article of clothing I own.  Lauren S.
  I’m obsessed!  I’ll be living in them from now on.  Rae B.
 Us girls want to look good and feel good in our clothes! I love my little stā Body Suit.  It is simliar to the idea of Spanx, except I can breathe all day! LOL! Grab yours!  Ruthie R.   
 Never have I worn shape wear and not ended up supremely uncomfortable, but I honestly forgot I was even wearing the stā Body bodysuit. It's definitely been my best friend!  Heidi G.   
 I think I've had the tank suit for like 3 years now?? They look and feel new and I wear them allllll the time.  Kimya M. 
 Wow, obsessed with it. Bodysuit perfection.  I'll take all of them please!  Anna D.   
  The fact I don't have to snap the bottom or take it off in the restroom is everything! Simple and easy. What a difference your bodysuit makes on me.  Mary G. 
 First love and only love at this point….
stā BODY celebrates women’s bodies and appreciates every curve… and let me tell you, my curves appreciate the feeling of this material.  There are no snaps or clasps and you don’t have to take the body suit off to use the washroom…. If that isn’t a game changer I don’t know what is. They have designed this suit so you can pull down the back without removing ANYTHING! Allyson F. 
 The best fitting bodysuit that doesn't need to unsnap to use the loo. Someone was finally listening to us women. Mona C.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
I am in love with this bodysuit. I think I wore it 3 times the first week I had it!  Brianna S.
 I love these bodysuits! I love that there are no snaps. I love how it feels. I'm tall and I love how it fits perfect. I like how the undies are attached only in the front to make life easier in the powder room. Have I mentioned I love these? Ladies, you need to try them. Michele M.


 Thank you stā BODY, for creating the worlds greatest bodysuit! Katee E.  


  Your nude bodysuit is everything! Katie R.
I want to scream with happiness every time I put it on.  I honestly feel gorgeous in this! Sophie T.
My favorite  bodysuit. It's my new go to.  Love it! ♥ Michelle W. 
 Wow! The stā Body suit is amazing! It's comfortable, flattering and convenient.  I feel confident and sexy when I wear the bodysuit.  I highly recommend this product.  You won't regret your purchase. Juanita H.
Just received mine, got one white one black and fits perfectly.  Most comfy bodysuit I've ever put on.  So cute with a pair of high wasted jeans. Kate R.

THESE ARE SO COOL!! Stā BODY, all 3 colours...they are SO easy to wear! The back of the thong part of the bodysuit shaper isn't attached, no more getting naked in public bathrooms! :D I LOVE this line! Tracie B.
I've tried waist trainers in the past and they were incredibly uncomfortable and gave me stomach pains. It was only recently that I discovered the stā BODY suit and wish I had it all along. It has the look of a tank with the advantages of a bodysuit - without the uncomfortable confinement of traditional shape wear.  It's made from super soft fabric that helps give you a smooth appearance. It attaches to a thong bottom in the front which keeps it from riding up and prevents any embarrassing panty lines. I also love its versatility in the way it can be dressed up or down. Its staying power is my favorite feature because now that I am chasing around a toddler, I don't have to worry about unwanted exposure. Karina S.
stā's bodysuit was an immediate game/life changer. My previous shapewear experiences left me feeling more roly-poly than svelte and confident. The fabric alone is so, so comfortable and responsive and the fit is perfect to be worn under anything or by itself with my favorite jeans or skirt. Having no hooks or snaps to use the restroom is genius!  LOVE not having to tug and adjust throughout the day.  Fits like it was made just for me! Alexis M.

stā BODY wear is super comfortable and works great! The combination of the tank top and thong is perfect!  The tank top stays in place while the thong bottom makes it easy to pull down without struggling with snaps.  It also looks great while worn as a tank.  I highly recommend if you want to go to the washroom and not have to worry about getting fully undressed. Kendra N.

I am so excited about my new bodysuit! The lace boy short is adorable and comfortable enough for all day wear, and the tank portion is perfect for smoothing out imperfections.  Since social distancing and stay-at-home orders have been in place, I've been needing all the support I can get :). Sonya D.
So amazing I literally forgot I was wearing a bodysuit.  It fit my body so well, absolutely no discomfort like with other shapewear & bodysuits I own.  When it was time to go to the restroom, a quick panic fell over me and then I remembered!  Oh my goodness...PERFECT!!! ShakehB.
I'm so happy with this bodysuit! It's so comfortable and girly, I love wearing it! Geraldine A. 
This stā BODY one piece is amazing! So convenient. so sleek, so casual, so sexy and sooo easy! Dawn K.
  stā is super comfortable and the combo tank/g string work perfectly! The tank top stays put and the way they have designed the bottom make it easy to use the restroom without struggling with snaps. It also looks great worn alone as a tank. I highly recommend this product, you won't regret it! Veronica A.
  It fits my body like a glove and makes me feel so confident. Alex D.
  Your bodysuits should be in every woman's (& mamas) closet. I love love love mine! Breaunna D.
OMGoodness!! I LOVE it!!  It's so comfy.  I was worried about how I was going to look in it, but I look AMAZING! I have recently lost weight and I am currently working on tightening my stomach up. I was so hesitant of getting a bodysuit because of my size, but I LOVE myself!!! Melissa B.


I absolutely love my stā BODY suits!! They are beyond comfortable, molding to the shape of my body and flattering every curve. It's so easy to tuck underneath any outfit, but my favorite part is how painless it is to pee!! Aka, I didn't have to completely undress, which is without a doubt the most amazing feature. Kim M.


Most comfortable tank bodysuit ever!!! Melissa F.


I find that I want to wear it every day. So comfy!! I need all colors. Brea D.


stā BODY is genius. I love bodysuits, but hate having to fight buttoning them.  Lol.  When I need an undershirt for my sheer top, stā BODY is my lifesaver.   When I need a basic tank to go with my shorts or jeans, stā BODY is my lifesaver. Thank you stā BODY for making my life easier! If there is any basic a girl must have in her closet, I would say stā BODY is one of them!!! Danielle T.


I don't take it off...honestly the most comfortable thing I've ever owned. Kristen G.



Obsessed!  This is the most comfortable item of clothing I have ever put on!  The fit is amazing, the fabric is so lightweight and it makes me feel wonderful!  I don't want to take it off...ever! Karen H.


Your product is incredible and honestly made me finally love my body.  I don't dread getting dressed or going shopping anymore.  I feel so confident! Aimee G.


 I was having a very bloated day and the bodysuit helped me as a reminder for me to keep a straight posture.  Glad I didn't have to worry about the front getting untucked :) Lan N.


I adore my new bodysuit! Michelle D.


Just got the most comfortable and ingenious bodysuit ever!  No snaps or hooks! Tiffanie M.


I purchased my first sta BODY suit on-line a few months ago and I absolutely love it! The fabric is amazing as it is super comfortable and it gives me a smooth appearance without any panty lines. I don't wear body shapers as they are too uncomfortable and this is just the opposite. It is extremely versatile and I wear it with casual jeans, dressy skirts as well as under my slinky dresses. The sta BODY suit design is simply genius as there are no snaps to deal with or taking off the entire body suit when I use the little girls room. I can simply pull down the back thong when I am in the restroom. I can't recommend this amazing suit enough! Laura C.


I always like to wear something underneath my outfit or as a main piece I can accessorize with a sweater.  I almost never go with a bodysuit because they ride up.  Sometimes I go with a camisole, but they just get tugged down.  With my sta body suit I don’t have any of those issues.  The best part is that it breathes so well!  I ordinarily feel like a sweaty gross mess in a body suit, but this moved with me and kept me cool and dry.  I love it so much I wore it three times in the first week I had it! Emma S.



Can't survive without my Sta body! Must have essential for everyday! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Mary T.



Love my stā. So comfy and makes me feel confident that I don't have to worry about muffin top spillage. Thanks for making a garment that is a girl's best friend (and best kept secret ;). Lisa R.


I have worn the stā Body bodysuit and find it very comfortable!  You remember the movie, Sex and Mrs X with Linda Hamilton?  When Jaqueline Bissett tells Linda how to wear sexy camisoles, because it makes YOU feel sexy all day?  Well I feel like that when I wear it. Not just sexy (and I know I don’t look like your models!) but extremely comfortable!!!! Gabriella D.


A Super Comfy Confidence Booster!
This bodysuit was given to me as a gift and let me tell you how thankful I am for such a gift!
When I first opened the package and read the tag and saw the recycled materials used to make the fabric, I smiled. (I love it when a company not only takes pride in their product but also takes care of the planet!)
My second thought was how soft this feels! I was excited to try it on! And I keep finding more ways to wear it!
I love wearing my Sta bodysuit! I wear on shopping trips, to work, to the park with the kids...everywhere!
It's very comfortable and I don't have to constantly fidget with it to get it back in place.
What colors and styles will be next?!?! Sonia A.


I just received my first stā Body bodysuit as a gift from a friend. I had heard great things about it, but wasn't really sure how it worked. I already had plans the very next day to go to Disneyland. Perfect way to put it to the test, so I wore my black bodysuit as an actual blouse with my jeans

I have curves and rolls going on, so I hardly wear jeans because it's a struggle tugging on undergarments and body shapers all day.  Trying to keep the fabric from rolling up, rolling down, exposing the tummy or back area, or looking like a bulge.

As you know Disneyland involves being rushed on and off rides.  Trying to keep track of your child and personal items, while at the same time making sure your blouse hasn't rolled up or your panties show when you bend over.  It's a real struggle for those of us who are self conscious and worry about things being exposed.

WOW !!! That is the word that best describes my bodysuit. It kept in place ALL DAY !!! I dressed it with my jeans and nice jewelry and it actually made me feel confident and sexy to tell you the truth. I felt comfortable and didn't feel any flesh or rolls popping out. I have tried so many things, including tube tops, to cover the tummy area and other brand-name body shapers, but none have held in place like this did. I kept raving about it so my daughter had me bending over just to prove my point. As funny as that may sound, I put my stā Body thru the wringer and it passed with flying colors! I can not wait to purchase it in white.

It was so comfortable to wear, but even more it kept me covered in the areas most of us worry about. LOVE stāBody! Maria F.