You Come First

in Sep 14, 2017
 "C" is our crazy friend and occasional guest blogger for stā BODY


People who know me usually laugh when I tell them I was a painfully shy kid. I am certainly different now so I guess that statement does sound like a lot of nonsense. Sort of like when those beautiful women say they were “awkward” teenagers. I know, I know…..I hate those girls too. Anyway, my whole problem when I was younger was that I simply lacked confidence and cared too much about what others thought. I never stopped to think about what I felt and what I thought of myself.

Well life takes you on a funny journey sometimes, and you learn a thing or two along the way.  It was just such a turn in life that taught me not to care what others thought as it became obvious in that moment that my opinion was the only one that mattered. It was a truly liberating realization to know I was the only person in this world I needed to make happy…and in short order I was happy. I didn’t just like the person I was, I loved the person I was and with that my confidence began to swell.

Confidence, I mean true confidence, is nothing more than loving yourself. When you think about it, that’s pretty easy to do. For the most part you are the way you are because that’s how you want to be…and if you want to make a change, you can shape yourself into something else. Life is all about continually working to become that ideal person you want to be.

Who cares what other people think anyway. The vast majority of them are temporary in life, so why waste time trying to make them happy? Love yourself, have confidence in who you are and what abilities you have. Know your strengths and play to them. Accept your weaknesses and work to improve. Dwell on the strengths and accept the weaknesses, and not the other way around. Most times they are not even weaknesses to begin with because a funny thing happens when you embrace your flaws with confidence…..they become something beautiful.

Cindy Crawford doesn’t have a mole, she has a beauty mark! Ashley Graham isn’t overweight, she has curves that landed her on the cover of Sports Illustrated! These women ignored what some saw as a negative and made it a positive. They became signature elements to their success and they found that this confidence has a powerful side effect. It attracts like a magnet, and that magnet pulls real hard.

                        Cindy Crawford promotes mole awareness                                     Ashley Graham owning the beach   

It draws people in, and makes them believe…it has incredible power. It’s the unseen force that pulls money out of a banker’s pocket and puts it in the hand of a stranger with a bold new idea. It’s what makes a patient lie on the table to put their life in the hands of a doctor. It’s what makes people open themselves and trust you enough to give you their heart.

See what happens when you unleash the real you on the world!  Of course you should not expect to be everyone's cup of tea.  Trust me I know some people just cant stand me, but what do I care because I am a little ball of awesome and they are just lame.  Be your fabulous self because you are not the only one.  Fall in love with yourself and you will find that others around you will do the same.


Your Friend,