stā BODY Cares

Covid – 19 & Abused and Neglected Children

Children that live in abusive households normally get a break from the madness by going to school.

At school, they get to be around other children and kind adults that care about them.  They get to play, run, learn, laugh and just This precious time is a life saver to a child who is living a nightmare at home.

Now with the stay-at-home orders, they are without that much needed break and their feelings of isolation and fear are that much more.

stā BODY wants to help.

We are teaming up with several organizations to get funds to them to aid in the care and well being of these children during all of this.

 We are excited to begin with an amazing community that we discovered-The Priority Center!

The Priority Center is a nonprofit organization that directly serves at risk children now and always.  They have 10 programs that are dedicated to not only assisting at risk children but aiding parents in stopping the abuse cycle. With the goal of ending generational cycles of abuse, Michael and his team are an amazing group! Please check them out at if you would like to learn more.


For the month of May, 10% of all bodysuit sales will go directly to @theprioritycenter.

This is your chance to help a child in need while shopping for yourself.

If ever there was a time to shop with us, it's now.


Help us help them get the much-needed attention and care they deserve.

Hugging them while we hug you.