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inspired by you...


You are our favorite body part!
You are our models and our motivation.
Now we want to share your radiance with the world!


Submit a picture of you wearing your stā BODYsuit to

Whether you wear it alone or under your favorite outfit, let us see how you make it amazing!

Images will be posted on our stā BODY Instagram.

Each person to post a qualifying image will receive a 10% discount code on their next order and be submitted for the brand ambassador spotlight position.

Chosen brand ambassadors will answer 5 fun questions about themselves which will then be posted on our main website page along with their submitted image.

Chosen brand ambassadors will receive a $100 gift card to celebrate!!

Share your positivity. Share your glow.

Inspiring each other is what we are all about.

Read The Rules

What images will work

  • Please make sure your photo is 5 MB or less and is in .jpeg or .gif format

  • It must be taken with your camera and be of you….you must own the image

  • All subjects in image must be 18 years or older

  • Make it cute. You are great already so just do your thing!

What images will not

  • Images that are not consistent with the spirit of stā BODY will never be used. That means your image will not be used if:

    • It violates or infringes upon anyone’s intellectual property. Images must belong to you and may not be copied in whole or in part from anyone else’s property.

    • It include any trademarks, logos, or brand names other than stā BODY.

    • It contains violence, nudity, or depicts anything of a sexual nature. Offensive images or images that in the opinion of stā BODY show poor taste are unacceptable.

    • They are defamatory, slanderous, threatening, or just plain rude.

    • They depict or promote any form of racism, sexism, or discrimination.

    • They promote the views or beliefs of any specific group or individual in regards to race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation or any other ideology deemed inappropriate by stā BODY.

    • They contain any personal information that could be used by others or put you at risk

    • They depict or suggest any illegal or dangerous activities.

    • They communicate any message that stā BODY feels is inappropriate

In a nutshell, if we feel that the submitted image goes against the stā BODY philosophy of positivity and striving for the best possibly you, will not use it.

What we will do with your images

All qualified images submitted to stā BODY will be posted to our Instagram account and may be featured on our website. stā BODY reserves the right to adjust the lighting and/or apply filters to your image as needed to accentuate or correct for use. However, stā BODY will not make adjustments to the content of the image or use “digital darkroom” techniques.

What are your Rights

By emailing your image to us you are allowing for it’s use by stā BODY. You are also agreeing to all terms and conditions stated here. Should you no longer wish to have your image displayed you must notify us in writing that you would like the use of your image discontinued. All written notifications asking us to discontinue the use of your image must be sent to and you must receive a confirmation from stā BODY. Once confirmation is received your image will be removed within 24 business hours. stā BODY will never use your image for any other purpose unless it is with your expressly written permission. No payment or compensation will ever be made for the use of any submitted photos beyond the stated 10% discount code or Brand Ambassador Award. You shall have no right of approval, nor claim to compensation arising out of any use, or alteration of the image, as well as use of your name, biographical information, or any other information supplied by you. stā BODY is under no obligation to make any use of any image or to exercise any of the rights granted herein. stā BODY is not responsible for any unauthorized use of your image by third parties.

Brand Ambassadors

At the sole discretion of stā BODY, a submitted image will be selected for the Brand Ambassador Spotlight. All Brand Ambassadors will be notified via email of their selection. If stā BODY does not receive a response to this email within five days, a new Brand Ambassador will be selected. The original party would still be eligible for future selection, but there is no guarantee of being selected as Brand Ambassador in the future.

What you get as Brand Ambassador

All Brand Ambassadors will be featured on our website with a five question bio to accompany their original image. Brand Ambassadors will also receive a $100 gift card. Their image and bio will be used until the selection of the next Brand Ambassador by stā BODY. Image and bio will be used for a term of no fewer than thirty days. Brand Ambassadors are responsible for any income or other applicable taxes as a result of this award.

Who can be a Brand Ambassador

Any legal resident of the U.S. residing in the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, or the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older can submit an image and may be a Brand Ambassador except where prohibited.


All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited. stāBODY is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by participants in connection with any image submissions or Brand Ambassador Selection. By submitting an original image you agree to be bound by these Rules and Regulations. Any disqualified image will result in the forfeiture of any award.

stā BODY is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Instagram or any other social media platform on which it appears. Instagram® is a registered trademark of Instagram, LLC. Use of this trademark is solely to describe it’s use and does not suggest any affiliation with Instagram, LLC.